Technology and Software

Although poised to take advantage of the latest market developments, technology and software companies face a unique set of business challenges. They are often startup businesses that must engage in long-term research and development before they can create a marketable product. And they have a defined lifecycle that often ends with the sale of the business. By tapping the expertise of Strothman and Company, your technology or software company can profitably navigate this complex terrain, whether you are a startup business or a mature company entering new territory.

In addition to providing accounting, auditing and innovative tax solutions, our team can advise you on the best way to structure your business – both in terms of ownership and taxes. We can assist in obtaining financing and advise you on internal systems for efficient operation. A long R&D time will undoubtedly impact cash flow, and we will likely suggest special tax elections, such as a research and development credit or a production deduction. And since not every method of accounting is created equal, we’ll help you establish one that works to the advantage of your type of business.

Many technology and software companies are created with the intention of ultimately being sold. If that time comes, you’ll find our team’s expertise in mergers and acquisitions to be especially valuable. From startup to the final sale, Strothman and Company is here to guide your technology or software company every step of the way.

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Our consulting services for the technology and software industry often include:

  • Accounting systems
  • Bank finance assistance
  • Business succession planning
  • Business valuation
  • Employee benefits consulting
  • Innovative tax solutions
  • Merger and acquisition assistance
  • Operational assessment
  • Strategic planning
  • Technology consulting